Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy News of the Week

Today Her Majesty's Government decided that It was a smart idea to send the SAS to Libya to make things comfortable for some diplomats.

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The craziness of this, raises the question why? Who in their right mind in the Cameron Government thought that going to a country which is already under siege with special forces was clever.

Even the Foreign Secretary William Haige, had to go with his tail between his legs to the dispatch box to tell the houses of Parliament: " Last week I authorised the despatch of a small British diplomatic team to eastern Libya, in uncertain circumstances which we judged required their protection, to build on these initial contacts and to assess the scope for closer diplomatic dialogue."

In a sense it's like having new neighbours down the road but going to say hi, by climbing over the fence in the middle of the night. Clever, I think not.

Haige and Cameron remind me of two little boys playing actionmen in the gardens of Eton. I just hope someone really shows them how stupid they have really been.

But in the end it gave them both something to really smile about on camera

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